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HoverAid use hovercraft to reach the unreachable. 
HoverAid is a Christian humanitarian charity based in the UK and the Netherlands, and working in Madagascar. We use hovercraft to reach isolated communities, making it possible for aid organisations to work in areas that have been simply too difficult  or expensive to reach before. Most aid organisations limit their work to areas where there are roads, very few use rivers at all.

It is a very simple concept – hovercraft can reach communities other vehicles and boats cannot. Hovercraft can easily travel over mudflats, swamps, ice and rapids, and crucially, along waterways which are too shallow for ordinary boats.

Communities struggle and people die because of poor access. It is hard enough being amongst the majority of the poor on this planet without always being overlooked when help is available.

That may simply be because your community is too difficult to reach.

Our job is to reach the unreachable.