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HoverAid work in Madagascar year round.We work with remote communities along three major river systems in the west of Madagascar.

Our newest project location is in the North, in Mahajanga. About 9 hours drive from the capital city, Antananarivo, the toursit town of Mahajanga is a gateway to 100,000's of people living in northern remote areas. Lack of roads has lead to widespread lack of infrastructure and access past the city is very difficult or impossible. 

Over 40,000 people live along the manambolo river, in an extremely isolated part of the country, where the few roads that do exist become impassable in the wet season. HoverAid has a forward base in Ankavandra, the main town in the region. 

Further south HoverAid is based in Beroroha on the Mangoky river, where over 130,000 people live along the mian river and the many tributaries, with practically no access to health care.

HoverAid regularly takes teams of doctors to villages along the rivers as part of the Mad Medical Safari programme.

Working in conjunction with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) we also take doctors to Anjabetrongo in the South West, and Ampasinambo in the East. 

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We have also worked in Malawi and Zambia and we'd like to be able to work along more of the Zambezi river system in the coming years. We are keen to expand our portfolio of project countrues but at present are focusing on doing Madagascar well.