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HoverAid is an international aid, development, HoverAid teams are often made up of volunteers and staff from more than one countrymission logistics and support organisation based in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Madagascar. In each country the organisation is registered as a charity or foundation and has its own local board of trustees to ensure that decisions are made flexibly and locally. HoverAid Madagascar is both a subsidiary charity and locally registered. The parts of the organisation act collectively to pursue the common vision and mission of HoverAid.

HoverAid International is intended to act as an umbrella organisation coordinating the efforts of the consitutent country organisations. 

The idea for using hovercraft to provide access to  emote developing communities began in Mission Aviation Fellowship in 1967, and HoverAid was registered as a charity in 1991.

HoverAid hovercraft have operated in Papua New Representatives from each country group meet as HoverAid International uinea, Nicaragua, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, and Madagascar. Prior associated expeditions using River Rover hovercraft included Nepal, Peru, and the British Hovercraft Expedition to China in 1990 which reached the source of the Yangtze river at 16,000 feet.