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Hovercraft training at the HoverAid test trackHoverAid UK has been a registered charity since 1991. Our work falls into three broad areas which fit in with the overall vision and mission:

  • Hovercraft operations, training, and development
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy and research

Hovercraft have long been associated with the UK and the leading commercial companies for medium and heavy lift hovercraft, as well as the majority of the most successful racing hovercraft manufacturers are located here. The River Rover MK4 design used in Madagascar today was developed and built by HoverAid specifically for use in the developping world, and HoverAid UK can now draw on 35 years of experience of operating hovercraft in remote and challenging environments in the development of the next generation of lightweight diesel powered hovercraft.

The Bishop of London drops in at the New Wine conferenceWithin the now expanded HoverAid family the UK role is to support operational use of hovercraft in Madagascar and seek to expand their use into further countries on a permanent basis. HoverAid UK oversees the training of local hovercraft drivers, monitors safety standards, and regularly provides staff and volunteers for short and medium term placements.

HoverAid UK coordinates volunteer Doctors and health workers from the UK who wish to join the Mad Medical Safari projects in Madagascar. In addition HoverAid UK provides expert advice and input into the long term research of the developmental needs of remote communities. 
HoverAid UK undertakes fundraising activities to support operational work in Madagascar and in other countries in an emergency capacity. For more information on joining in - see our get involved page. 

HoverAid UK acts as a coordinating hub in emergency flood relief work.