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Hovercraft can get to places other vehicles can't.

Hovercraft are simple and versatile go-anywhere craft  apable of operating over water, ice, mud, sandbanks, and up and down small rapids. They can operate along weed and reed filled waterways where propellor driven boats would become fouled, and over short stretches of land or in water that is simply too shallow for other boats.

Hovercraft are not the answer to everything - if you can use a boat or a truck then that's probably the right thing to do, but where the water is too difficult for a boat, or the ground too soft for a truck, a hovercraft may be perfect. 

Hovercraft ride on a cushion of air, held in a skirt under the craft. Air is forced under the craft lifting it off the ground - but the pressure in the skirt is typically very low - there is five times as much difference in air 
pressure if you walk from sea level to the top of England's highest hill!

Once a hovercraft is moving over water it makes very little impact on the water surface as unlike a speed boat the weight is evenly distibuted over a large area - the faster a hovercraft goes the less wake it produces! Hovercraft are quiet too - far less noisy than a helicopter. Believe it or not it is not unusual for birds in Madagascar to fly alongside the hovercraft in formation.