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Peter van Buuren : Country Directorm, HoverAid Madagascar
Jantine van Buuren : Financial Administrator
Peter and Jantine van Buuren have worked in the aid and relief sector across Africa and Asia for many years- they make a great team. Peter has overall responsibility for all aspects of HoverAid Madagascar's operational work as well as developing new projects in collaboration with the national board of HoverAid Madagascar and other stakeholders and securing contracts with partners in Madagascar.
HoverAid Netherlands was initially started by a group of their former colleagues and family to support Peter and Jantine personally, but has now grown into an integral partner in the international HoverAid federation. Whilst in Madagascar they have been blessed with two lovely
children, Sam and Esther.

José Andrianariliva : Hovercraft Pilot, Driver, and Assistant Logistician.
José originally joined the team as a driver but soon became the first of our malagasy staff trained to operate the hovercraft. As well as operational duties in the field he assists in the workshop and keeps stocks, maintains and repairs the camp gear.

Rehaza Horazako Tahindrenibeny : Logistics assistant (Beroroha)
In 2006 HoverAid began projects in Beroroha on the Mangoky River in Southern Madagascar. Rehaza was recommended to us and has become our permanent representative in Beroroha, not only running the base camp but also managing the airstrip.

Robin Andrianariliva : Mechanic
Robin joined HoverAid in 2008 directly from the technical school to work in the garage as an assistant mechanic, and where he works with the trainee mechanics as they progress to becoming fully qualified too. He is responsible for servicing the vehicles on a regular basis.

Memena:  Logistic Assistant/Guard in Ankavandra
Memena takes care of the base camp in our intervention area in Ankavandra. He is also responsible for welcoming the team to our camp and then assists the logisticians in their tasks.

Patrick Rakotondraibe : Mechanic
Patrick majors in mechanics, electricity and electronic. He is newly appointed as a mechanic in the team. He is in charge of the reparation and maintenance of the hovercraft and other vehicles.

HoverAid Medical Team


Dr. Sylvain - Surgeon and head of HoverAid's Madagascar Medical Safari (MMS)

Dr. Sylvain leads the MMS, and is responsible for finding volunteer doctors to join him in the rural MMS expeditions. Sylvain leads the surgery in the field, leads morning prayer when on base and always works with a smile on his face!

Fy Oelinirina Era-Enimpieferana : Anaesthetist
Fy joined the team in November 2010 working as anaesthetist during MMS missions.

Dr Sylvain Rasolofonirina
: General Surgeon
Dr Sylvain is a retired doctor having previously worked as chief of the medical service in Hospital Centre in Itaosy / Antananarivo. He joined the MMS team in June 2010.

Dr Ambinintsoa Josoa : Junior doctor
Dr Bini has been a part of the MMS team since October 2010. He is a junior doctor during MMS missions, taking consultations and helping in small surgeries.

Dr Volatinaharivelo Léa Andriamiandrisoa : General Practitioner
Dr Vola also joined the MMS team in October 2010. As a GP doctor she has consultations and perform small surgeries during our missions.

Dr Helivah Rajaobelison : Junior doctor
Dr Hélivah has been an MMS member since July 2010. He is a volunteer working as a junior doctor on consultations and small surgeries.

Lantonisaina Harivony Raoelijaona : Anaesthetist
Lanto is new to the MMS team with her first trip being to Anjabetrongo in April 2011. She is an anaesthetist reanimation agent.