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Name: Bila - Community Health Worker.

What does Bila do? Bila works in the Community Health Programme; his role is to train and educate groups of people in rural areas on health issues that are important to the community.

Bila teaches about clean drinking water, sexual health, nutrition, hygiene, infections and diseases, and he helps prevent many hundreds  of health issues from deteriorating, and increases local knowledge on health prevention.

Bila was the first man in his village to own a latrine, and helps demonstrate to others how to poop!

Passing on the Pie? When the MMS are in town, Bila helps to triage patients for Dr Sylvain and the MMS team, and highlights patients in villages who need to be seen. Bila also learns from the doctors which specific issues are recurring most frequently, and then teaches the communities about those particular problems to help reduce the numbers affected.

What is a pie you ask? For us that is a gift of £3.14 or a monthly direct debit of £3.14 (a dozen pies per year)

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