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Name: Jose -  Pilot (Captain, Driver,....)

What does Jose do? Jose is a pilot, because hovercraft fly on a cushion of air don't they, but then hovercraft are really just clever boats so he's a coxwain, or possibly a captain - and hovercraft go over land so he's a driver. It's a bit complicated.

Passing on the Pie? Jose( and Robin and Jonny)  have the most obvious jobs in HoverAid - they takes the teams of doctors and community health workers to remote villages. They use the hovercraft to reach the unreachable. Their job is to pass the pie to Dr Sylvain and Bila by enabling them to get to those remote communities, that way they can do what they do best (being a doctor or educator) rather than spending days or weeks trekking or travelling by zebu cart.

A monthly direct debit of £3.14 (a dozen pies per year) buys enough fuel to fly the hovercraft 150km - enough fuel for a team of doctors to do a return trip to the village of Ambatavory on the Mangoky river from our base at Beroroha. That's a seriously remote village.

What is a pie you ask? For us that is a gift of £3.14 or a monthly direct debit of £3.14 (a dozen pies per year)

#SendaPie this Christmas to REACH the UNREACHABLE by clicking donate below or texting PIES16 £3.14 to 70070