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Name: The people on the Mangoky 

What do they do? The people living along the Mangoky River love to laugh, sing, braid hair, catch food, cook and chat. The average daily chore takes up most of the women’s time, whilst most men farm the land and look after livestock. (imagine actually having to wash your washing, and not putting  it in the washing machine!)

Passing on the pie? A lot of the people living in the areas we work have very little, but what they have they often share, they encourage, they give joy to one and other and they take time to enjoy the small things . Those who have learnt things from Bila (one of HoverAid's Community Health Workers ) go on to share things with others, those who receive surgery or medicine, take friends and family who are sick the next time we are in town.

In short, when we give a pie to these individuals, who are in desperate need of surgery, medicine, and clean water they then pass the pie to others.

What is a pie you ask? For us that is a gift of £3.14 or a monthly direct debit of £3.14 (a dozen pies per year)

#SendaPie this Christmas to REACH the UNREACHABLE by clicking donate below or texting PIES16 £3.14 to 70070