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Name: Peter van Buuren - Country Director in Madagscar

What does Peter do? Peter's job is to make things happen in Madagascar and that means logistics, leadership and lots of determination! It's not always easy in a country where getting a licence to do anything can take months or even years, or where reaching a village means coordinating teams and vehicles in three different places at once from an office where phones. power, and internet regularly break down.

Passing on the Pie?  So how does Peter pass the pie to our mechanic Patrick? He makes sure that there is always a place for Patrick to work on the hovercraft even when the lights go out, that there is sufficient fuel, medicine, doctors, and mosquito nets for Jose to deliver, the right relationships with village elders and mayors for the Sylvain and the MMS teams to visit safely, and that HoverAid Madagascar is being as effective as possible whilst remaining respectful of  the many laws and requirements of different government departments and local interests. It really is quite a juggling act.

What is a pie you ask? For us that is a gift of £3.14 or a monthly direct debit of £3.14 (a dozen pies per year)

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