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Name: Patrick - Mechanic

What does Patrick do? Patrick is a fantastic chap - and a rock on which all our hovercraft work in Madagascar is built. He's a trained mechanic, and his job is to make sure the hovercraft are maintained in top condition, which really isn't easy when they are hundreds of miles apart in really remote locations. It would be great if the hovercraft could all be brought back to Antananrivo, the capital city, at the end of every trip - but that is just impossible. Add to that the fact that the River Rover craft we're using are over 20 years old they do need looking after. And if we do have a really major problem with a hovercraft Patrick is part of the rescue and recovery team who will hack through the bush to reach a stricken vehicle and get it going again. Realistically that's a couple of times a year and it's exhausting work.

Passing on the Pie? How does Patrick  contribute? He keeps the hovercraft able to do what the hovercraft are meant to do - reach the unreachable - he enables Jose to take Dr Sylvain and the medics to remote locations along the Mangoky river, building relationships with villages so that our Community Health Workers like Bila have opportunities to educate families who then tell their neighbours how to avoid malaria and the benefits of drinking clean water.

That pie goes a long way and that's only half the story! 

What is a pie you ask? For us that is a gift of £3.14 or a monthly direct debit of £3.14 (a dozen pies per year)

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