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Cost of a cuppa'

If charity starts at home where better than with the humble cuppa'!

165 million cups of tea are consumed each day in the UK - that's 60.2 billion a year!!

HoverAid are asking all it's supporters to consider donating the cost of a high-street cup of tea.

Stopping for a cuppa' at your local station, coffee shop or community venue once a week will cost around £1.65. That adds up to a monthly donation of just £7.15 a month.

If 1000 of our supporters gave £7.15 a month it would be enough each year to cover our entire medical programme in Madagascar.

Along the Mangoky River in Madagascar 1 in 3 kids don't reach the age of 15 - many are killed by dirty water and poor sanitation related to its use.

So next time you're clutching a cuppa' think what more you could be getting for your money. Donate to HoverAid and be a part of this life-saving struggle.

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*A commitment to regular giving enables HoverAid to plan more effectively and frees up funds - from grants and legacies - for other programmes and infrastructure.