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Our gift menu

What will your gift provide?

£3 is the average monthly cost of medicine for each patient seen by our mobile mediacl programme - which we call the Mad Medical Safari (MMS)
HoverAid's Community Health Programme gives local people the knowledge they need to stay healthy and avoid common diseases.

365 people giving £9 per month will pay for our current Community Health Prgramme (CHP).

£45 can provide a Bio-Sand Filter (BSF) producing life saving clean drinking
water for infants and children who
are most at risk from dirty drinking water. 

A Bio-Sand Filter delivers enough
safe water for a large traditional Malagasy
family of up to 25 people.

£120 will enable an entire medical team to travel by hovercraft to a
remote community in Madagascar.
Our Mad Medical Safari teams care for
villages and communities who have no access to medical services at all.

£1335 is the cost of a very reliable Canzee pump and all the tools and labour costs we need to give an entire village access to safe drinking water.

A pump which provides water all year round really makes a big impact that lasts.

Thank you for giving your money to help save,  sustain and enrich the lives of those living with no access to health care.

Your gift makes a huge difference!

Download the pdf version of the giftmenu here