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The working parties are an intrinsic part of HoverAid UK and what we do. 

They were oringianally set up to rebuild RiverRover 308 after it was taken apart in 2000. The team managed to restore the craft to her former glory (plus some) and she graced New Wine 2010! Since then she has been at Rutland water days, The Big Church Day Out events and churches, schools and other events where people want to learn more about HoverAid. 

She is now our training craft in the UK, and is touring around the country visiting schools, churches and events. (Contact us to ask us to visit you!) 

David Maw working on 308
Now working parties are getting to grips with a Griffon 1500 craft in order to get it working and deployed in Africa to help us reach more "unreachable" people. If you have any skills in engineering and mechanics or have a practical nature and are eager to learn more, register your interest here and title your message 'Working Party'.

We have workshops in Uckfield (Sussex), Buckingham (Buckinghamshire) and Street (Somerset). Working parties happen at our Uckfield workshop.

To find out Working Party schedules please join our meetup page  or email Mario

Volunteers meet from 9am-5pm ish, depending on the day's tasks and amount of daylight. Those people who could offer more than one "working Party" we are really grateful, it is easier if people can get stuck into and develop your own project, so let us know if you can attend and what your skill bases is so we can develop a plan for the day.

It is cold in the barn, please dress warmly!! Lunch and snacks will be provided, and tools will be available. If you wish to bring your own tools your more than welcome.

As those of you who have taken part before are probably well aware, the HoverAid rule is if you help out, you get a go at flying it!