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Hovercraft are amazing vehicles but they are not miracle craft! 
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There are actually few areas of the world where hovercraft are the right vehicle to use, but in those areas - where we think 30 to 50 million people live worldwide they are exactly the right vehicle. And in floods they really come into their own too.

If you can use a truck, we think you should use a truck. If you can use a boat, then use a boat. …..or a quad bike, or a bicycle, or a mule, or an ox cart. If you can’t get there by those means that’s when a hovercraft could well be be the solution.

In shallow rivers in Madagascar, reed filled swamps in Papua New Guinea, cyclone devastated communities buried in mud in Mozambique, or un-navigable rapid strewn rivers in Tibet, Nepal, Zambia, Peru or Nicaragua, hovercraft are at home and can operate freely.

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