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HoverAid currently operate 6 distinct types of hovercraft,  

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River Rover Mk 4 River Rover Mk 3 Griffon 1500 Vortex 5+

River Rover Mk 4 in PNGType: River Rover Mk 4

Range: 200Km

Engine: Diesel, Volkswagen 2.4 6-Cyclinder TDi (RR501 powered by Landrover 2.5 TDi)

Payload: 450Kg

Number in Fleet: 4

2 active in Madagascar (RR403, RR501)
2 in storage in PNG (RR401, RR402)

Operational Area: Madagascar

Fact: Prior to re-location to Madagascar RR403 reached 10,000, otherwise stranded, people in Mozambique during flooding caused caused by cyclone Gloria. Highly manoeuvrable owing to twin elevon steering system.


River Rover Mk 3 at test trackType: River Rover Mk3

Range: 200Km

Engine: Petrol, Renault 21 Turbo

Payload: 450Kg

Number in Fleet: 1 - RR308

Operational Area: UK, Demonstration and training craft

Fact: World Record for highest hovering petrol engined hovercraft at 4802m achieved during British Hovercraft Expedition to China in 1990. Highly manoeuvrable owing to twin elevon steering system. Used as a training and demonstration vehicle in Europe.


Type: Griffon 375

Range: 200Km


Payload: 650Kg

Number in Fleet: 1

Operational Area: Bought and deployed in 2013, this new addition to our fleet is operating on the Mangoky River near Bamana. 

Fact: The Griffon 375 is our only hovercraft without a roof.

Type: Griffon 1500

Range: 250Km

Engine: Deutz 6.0 ltr Air cooled turbo diesel

Payload: 1200Kg

Number in Fleet: 1

Operational Area: Currently being refitted in UK

Fact: Previously worked in Panama and Blackpool, UK. Will be used for flood relief work where higher payload is required and in long term development programmes in southern africa where longer transit distances are required. Griffon Hoverwork is the worlds leading provider of medium lift hovercraft.


Type: Vortex 5

Range: 100Km

Engine: Volswagen 1.4 litre turbo diesel

Payload: 350Kg

Number in Fleet: 1

Operational Area: Madagascar

Fact: Lightweight hovercraft specifically designed for transport by helicopter as a collaboration between HoverAid and Vortex Services


Type: Vortex 7

Range: 200Km

Engines: Volswagen 2.0 litre turbo diesel plus separate 750cc diesel lift engine.

Payload: 650Kg

Number in Fleet: 1

Operational Area: Newly arrived in Madagascar after being built in the UK by Vortex Services and HoverAid

Fact: Composite construction with large payload to weight ratio and enclosed cabin for use on large river systems.