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HoverAid UPDATE 1: Cyclone Enawo

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The main road at Mananara Nord is washed away following Cyclone Enawo. Access is becoming very difficult.
Cyclone Enawo made landfall in Madagascar on Tuesday as a Category 4 cylone, killing three students, and remained centred in the north of the island over much of the ensuing 24 hours dropping a vast amount of rainfall. The main focus of NGO attention is in the North East and around the town of Maroansetra. This can be reached by boat along the coast however the main RN5 road has been washed away.

HoverAid will instead be focussing on the North West which is receiving far less attention. Two towns in particular look extremely vulnerable to flooding as water flows down off the mountains over the coming days: Mampikony and Befandriana are both located on flood plains and received the worst of the cyclone rainfall.

Beroroha where we have a forward base and a hovercraft stationed on the Mangoky River in the South has recently recorded its highest water level and the remnant of the cyclone is currently dropping more rain. We will be receiving an update from there shortly.

As of 10.30 today (Thursday) we have received £2,546 - thank you everyone who has contributed. We urgently need to reach the £5,000 mark so can send our team north.

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Hovercraft Pilot Jose Andrianariliva has spent two days getting back from Mahajanga - we are now servicing the Land Cruiser so we can send the team back to the North. Jose has been in the field for the past two months and deservedly was pretty exhausted having outrun the Storm. We're glad he made it back safe and sound.

Jose has been with us for over ten years and is our most experienced hovercraft pilot so he will be getting some well earned rest over the next couple of days. He did really well to get the vehicle back quickly.
Thank you for your support and prayers for Madagascar.
We are doing everything we can to respond quickly but the reality is that for the next 72 hours people will be fending for themselves across the country.
Please hold the people of Madagascar in your hearts today.

Andy Mayo
CEO HoverAid UK
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HoverAid Team Alert
Cyclone Enawo Strikes Madagascar

Cyclone Enawo made landfall today as a Category 4 cyclone and is causing widespread damage in northern Madagascar. 
We need your help and support right now to reach the unreachable.

We are launching an initial appeal for £25,000

£10,000 will be spent on reaching and surveying communities. £15,000 will be spent on treating wells to enable those communities to have clean water again.

There is little anyone will be able to do in the next 24 hours other than try to stay safe but once the cyclone has passed there will be two priorities: to find out what has actually happened to maximise the wider response, and to provide people with safe drinking water. 

With our vehicles - Hovercraft and Land Cruisers we will focus on getting to the more remote regions that other NGOs won't be able to reach and we will be disinfecting wells which will inevitably be ruined by floodwater. Often in a flood lack of drinking water is a major problem - drinking flood water makes you ill.

Please support HoverAid today. 
Thank you. 

Andy Mayo 
CEO - HoverAid UK